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If you find yourself going down a ‘spiritual’ path in your life; don’t stray away from it. If you stay the course; the answers will start to present themselves to you.

I will have to write down in a few sentences first what is most important to know.

The most important thing to do in life to free your spirit and realize true life is to love your neighbour and yourself infinitely with no difference and no expectation. Your neighbour includes everyone who is not you. If you can live this and teach this, you are well on your way. Those words will be familiar as they have been taught to people by a great many individuals' that have come to the same realizations throughout our human history.


You are immortal.

At death the ‘self’ dies and disappears and re-birth occurs. (the ‘Self’ refers to the human idea of the self - the mind - the thing that makes you feel all those emotions in belief of every thought that you have)
Your spirit/soul/consciousness does not die. Your physical self withers away and dies transforming into other physical matter. Energy is never destroyed, it only changes. Your real self, the thing that controls your mind, is reborn into another body. In this way; the body is given consciousness and it then has life. A body without consciousness/god/spirit is not alive. It is impossible to be conscious of being unconscious. Realize that sentence.

Your spirit is your true you. Your mind is what most people believe to be their real self. Your mind is why a cat is a cat, a dog is a dog and every animal is its' own animal. If you live your life through your mind and let it be what you believe is the real you. You will function in the same way that every other animal does. You will let emotions and desires control you and will lose touch of real life, real living, the real you. You will then die and will be then re-born into another body. Your goal should be to realise true living. To realise what you are. To realise what everyone else is. To transcend the animal realm by doing the work of the spirit that you are.

The human mind is both a great tool for reasoning, understanding and learning but it is also an animal mind. It creates false thoughts, it creates the wanting of things and it creates these false illusions based on animalistic emotion and the core false belief that the "I" (Self) is the thing that is wanting these things and thinking these things. Separating yourself - your actual immortal spirit self from the animalistic mind is important.

Re-birth can be stopped by reaching the state of nirvana - realisation, enlightenment, knowing the truth, acting the truth, and living through the truth. This is ceaseless practice because everything the animalistic mind wants is tempting. The animal mind is grounded in the physical world. You want to be grounded to your true self and to true life.

Once you reach enlightenment and can see the truth. You are forever free from your animalistic mind, everything is as clear as the cleanest water that lets you see into its deepest depths - but it is still ceaseless practice that takes you to this state of complete living.

Complete living is being fulfilled every second of every day. It is the state of nirvana, it is the state of knowing God, knowing yourself, knowing real life - and all the illusions before you [...] are broken down in one instance and you will see life as it actually is. You will never be dissatisfied again.

Every person can be spiritual. It's ceaseless practice, never-ending, unrelenting.

Understand that though I mention God or concepts found in other religions that I do it because religions are formed from truth and then disconnected from it by the context created around it [...] and generations before us distorted it to try to use it for anything else other than the truth. Once you do see the truth, you will find it is not only present in religions; it is present in everything. You will see it in art, music, movies and in every part of your living day. It will become so apparent that the inter-connected-ness of it will become impossible not to see and you will start to live true life with complete purpose.

Everything balances itself out in the physical world. All pain, all pleasure and everything in-between. You live in the physical world and you will experience all the pain and all the pleasure in equal parts. Learning the truth, seeing the truth and living the truth frees you from the physical world forever but you still have to live out your physical lifetime. The difference is that once you know the truth it is a lifetime of complete fulfilment. Any pain (suffering) you experience is extinguished with the truth that you are now living with.

Spiritual people who find the truth are driven to spread the truth. There is no other way to live once the truth is known. Nothing means more than helping fellow spirits to free themselves from what is known as Samsara. (Continuous rebirth into the animal realm) The very act of taking continuous action to help every other conscious being is what will free one’s own real self from Samsara.

Spiritual people are always compassionate. They have to bring their level of consciousness down to meet other people’s consciousness repeatedly and gain favour by attempting to push other people to become spiritual by employing subtle forms of responding. They are mirrors of truth but the kind of mirror that doesn't make you think badly of your image, rather the one that makes you acknowledge that this is the way it really is, or at least, (more subtle, less aggressive) the way it could possibly really be.

It's important to stay away from any truth that works in dividing people from each other. All religions hold keys to the truth but all them work in dividing spirits from each other and spreading a truth which isn't all real. You must remember that in spiritual texts, the context of a sentence does not serve to reveal the truth. It serves to hide it. This is how the truth survives throughout each and every religious text, art form (music, movies, paintings, etc) and within everyday life amongst everything that you could possibly imagine. It hides within context but it is more than just the context and certainly exists without it. It is always present.

There is a collective unconscious. Living directly in the present lets you access it a lot easier. Living with the truth lets you access it a lot easier. It is true knowledge, universal knowledge, true inspiration, true intuition - it is knowing without knowing. An empty mind living right in the present can resonate with the collective unconscious.

You get closer to the spiritual side (God/Truth) when you discard the idea of wanting or living for desires that are selfish. (More mankind wealth, more mankind pleasure is less God/Truth.) Truth before wealth; otherwise wealth will hang over the truth as a thick veil that will be extremely difficult to remove.

You get closer to God when you realize that everyone has a chance at enlightenment. That everyone can break Samsara (the cycle of rebirth). They just have to know the truth and live in its knowledge of it and act upon it.

Connecting to God is connecting to your true self; the stuff that everyone really is. This is what lets you see and live true life - and above all else lets you transcend beyond your human animal condition.

You do not want to stay trapped in Samsara. We are all spiritual beings that can and should rise above the strong ego's that we have developed. Earth can and will eventually become what is known as heaven but we must first learn the truth and live the truth or you might never see this heaven. You do not want to be reborn as the lowest living species on this planet which do quite literally live in hell and you wouldn't want anyone else to be born there either. We must transcend this realm and we must help others do the same because that is the message that becomes all too apparent when you can only see the truth.

When the learning and realization of the truth begins; a huge battle will start to happen with you and your own mind. You won’t want to accept that you have been living a lie. You will fight to keep your false life as your reality but if you see the truth often enough you will eventually separate the two and unite them in a different order. You will be using your mind only when it needs to be used and it will no longer be filtering and picking bits of pieces of life around based on attachments it has made up in the past or desires it has in the present.

This huge battle […] this experience of cognitive dissonance that occurs when you do start seeing the truth will likely happen because a lot of the life that you have been living is in many ways is somewhat of a fabricated life. It is not based on complete reality. You have been living in a life fabricated by your own mind. A self that really isn’t what you are.

Cognitive Dissonance on a mass scale – you’re not dealing with one thought and one action. You are dealing with the entire thing that makes you what you think you are and stripping it down to nothing. This is how you are reborn in this same physical life that you are living. You won’t be the first neither the last to experience rebirth in this way.

Keep an empty mind free from discriminatory thought.

Keep an empty mind free from attachments.

Keep an empty mind free from chasing mankind desires.

Keep to compassion and humility; and within that framework remain frugal.

Once you resonate with the state that lets you see the truth. You are no longer pulled towards attachment. You see things for what they really are and you can enjoy life completely. Nothing matters and everything starts to matter. You become a compassionate spiritual being who has purpose, infinite compassion with infinite understanding and every second becomes life entirely fulfilled.