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It’s important how you yourself conceptualize your mind. So to word it differently – it is important how you think about your mind in relation to yourself.

The majority of people I talk to; who are looking to get closer to whatever that truth or conception of truth is – they are currently able to place themselves in the position of 3rd person with ease. They can talk about “John” doing this, “John” doing that, “John” is this way because this happened – and John happens to be their own self who they are talking about. So John can happily talk about John as a “John” and not an “I”. They can see their own self from the other side of the room. This is important. If one always has the narrative of “I” do this, and “I” am doing that, and “I” am this way – then that narrative becomes what one is. Speaking about the “I” continuously builds a strong sense of self and unfortunately – this self turns out to be a self-created illusion as to what you really are.

This self-created illusion is the strong mind that you as a human do possess. The stronger you build this mind; the harder it will be to see the truth of life. You must separate the two before continuing to build it or you will roll deterministic-ly through that one life from one experience to another never really seeing that other path that is always available to you.

I want to point to that other path by writing about anything that I have come to a realization of. This is something I am not particularly doing because I want to. It is something that I cannot – not do. I am also well aware that everything I will mention will already be written in one hundred different ways elsewhere but I must still write my own version.

There will come a basic understanding that there are two clear versions of yourself. The one that most people believe that they are and the one that they actually are. Your mind is not what you are. It certainly is part of what you are but you are far more limitless than it – and there is definitely greater purpose to life than what is offered to you in this world.

There is a certain balance that has to be reached in seeing your mind as not what you are but also not something that is separate to you. It is also important in knowing a mind’s true potential and the true extent of power than it can have over every soul that it is part of. If you don’t keep it in check –  you will be falling from one thought into another – from one emotion into another – until you become something that has been decided by the perception your mind has already built upon itself and the hamster wheel that is the world we live in. You should wake up as soon as is possible.

That is all I have for today. Thank you for reading.

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