Desire to Sleep Walk Back Again

Negative thoughts can quite easily derail the human mind as can temptation in the forms of desires and pleasures. Even after a very many consecutive days of complete mindfulness; it can only take an instant decision to start dividing your path from old and present truths. When you have quelled that last desire for a desire then you are closer to seeing more truth. The advice here is to just get back on the right track. The consequences from every diversion will still always manifest and return to you and you will have to deal with it in truth. The knowledge of this particular truth shouldn’t discourage you from sticking to the truth from that point thereafter.

Desire leads to distortion

Ignorance shouldn’t be a choice after you have experienced and realized the knowledge that you have. The goal should be to connect with something that is greater. This will assist one in seeing through and breaking out of the circle of life that we are all existing in. This task becomes impossible to do so if your mind is deeply involved in with the desires that the world can provide you with. The deeper you stray into any desire; the greater of that desire you will end up chasing. You will then be viewing the world out of a lens that is shaped like your desire and you will never see through eyes that are not discriminatory. It’s not going to be easy to see absolute truth through a distorted mind. To remove these layers of distortions will take a lot of consistent work.


To many that get closer to this truth; there is a great level of disinterest or boredom that develops for the world around them. It is at this point that perhaps they can turn away from all desires as they start to search for something less impermanent.


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