Breaking Apart


In truth; all governments have worked in deceiving the public through previous generations but it is ever more present as of right now. There are many problems which have been growing for many years and many new problems that are being created; so deceit is a method that is being employed by leaders at a faster rate.

The theories in the political realm that would work to keep people in the world united only work in theory. The moment they are turned into practice; corruption begins to take over. It only takes greed in a select few to create a system which rewards deceit and punishes the truth.

So in essence you are currently residing in a corrupt system and though there are many good souls among us that are keeping this corrupt system from collapsing; it will be harder to do the right thing than the easy thing which is usually treacherous in nature. There is a cruel reality that it is mostly the good values and actions in people that the corruption is taking advantage of. If everyone was corrupt; the corrupt would be left with very little to benefit from in a very short period of time. Important to remember that; what is a good man but a bad man’s teacher? It is individual souls that move on forward and not the collective circumstance of events that we can all get caught up in.

The Precipice

The world is currently moving back in time; we are rolling back on our human right principles and descending back into singular separate entities with defined borders. This fallout generally leads to a weakening of economies and marks the start of war.

The end of the previous war prompted the start to the beginning of unity between most nations on our planet; the coming war might create the right type of damage that will create a type of unity that is more permanent and not so easily forgotten. There are many more souls that are awakened alive today than there were seventy eight years ago; so with some faith these people will lay the right kind of foundations for unity.

The exact time and date remains to be seen but it is mostly likely to come at that point where leaders are proclaiming that everything is okay to which in fact the evidence around us will not only show the opposite but will be absolutely impossible to ignore; and this will start the beginning of current truth which unfortunately won’t paint the prettiest of pictures but that is when real work can be allowed to begin.

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